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Congratulations to LuHuan bearing won the city of linqing bearing industry "quality enterprise" hono
    On December 27, 2016 bearing association annual meeting in linqing linqing city hotel. China bearing industry association vice President and secretary general He Jiaqun et al, senior consultant, bearing fastener association secr…
Causes of bearing raceway noise FAG tapered roller
Raceway sound is due to the tapered roller bearing rolling elements rolling in raceway rotation and stimulate a smooth and continuous noise, the level or tone when aroused great attention only when. In fact, inspired by the raceway sound acoustic …
With tapered roller bearings tricks attention to four points
Check the operation status of the machine and prepare a thorough inspection program has become increasingly serious. Among them TIMKEN bearings focus attention, because it is the most important of all rotating machine parts. Condition monitoring i…
How to get the bearing steel surface hardening?
Many businesses use bearing steel bearings are not good enough, and even some low-quality bearing steel, thus leading to low production out of bearing products, like KOYO bearings as the company is not the same, bearing steel used is the best qual…
Tapered roller bearing assembly particularity?
Tapered roller bearing assembly calculation, the theoretical analysis and numerical examples illustrate: Size deviation general bearings supporting parts to meet the requirements of products bearing width deviation Therefore, the single row tapere…
Bearing Fault
Symptom Rolling of the general performance of two, one bearing installation site temperature is too high, the second is bearing operation is noisy. 1. The bearing temperature When agencies operate, install the bearing parts to allow a certai…
What technical standards are bearing repair?
Bearings should meet restored after about quality inspection requirements: (1) rings and the working surface of the rolling elements are not allowed burns, cracks, corrosion and metal fatigue spalling layer; Size (2) the difference between…
Cause premature bearing failure
1. improper assembly A variety of bearing failure in advance 16% is due to improper assembly (usually due to excessive force ...) and does not properly use the assembly tool caused. Some devices require the use of mechanical, hydraulic or heati…
Note the use of tapered roller bearing lubrication system
Bearing installation, according to their type and size, choose mechanical, heat or hydraulic methods such. But in any case, are not directly tap the tapered roller bearing ring, cage, rolling elements or seals. When the force applied by the instal…
Double row deep groove ball bearings solve the heating problem of what method
Under normal circumstances, double row deep groove ball bearing temperature should be around 30 ℃, the maximum temperature not exceeding 70 degrees Celsius, otherwise, because of bearing temperature caused deformation, in severe cases cause direc…
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